Let’s face it, backups are complex, critical, and nowadays require a special set of IT skills just to manage them.  Your data infrastructure is literally the lifeblood of your company. Yet the critical tasks of data backup can be an expensive, time consuming, and often times challenging proposition as data storage continues to grow, even for small to medium sized businesses.  Even unforeseen disasters like fire or theft can cause companies to lose valuable data.

Proper backups are extremely important and knowing what to backup is even more critical to keeping your systems up and running.  Data files should be backed up regularly well and Backup a thought out disaster recovery plan should be in place.

There are many variations of backups: Disk, Cloud, Offline, and Online.  Which one is right for you may depend on the applications you use and your current data storage size.

Backup and Data Recovery Services:

  • 22 Point Backup Checklist – Our disaster recovery plan checklist ensures that your data is safe and secure.
  • Expert Backup Analysis – Assures your data can be restored and is in excellent shape.
  • Backup Reporting – Provide you with a detailed report on the health status of your current backup system.
  • Backup Maintenance Package – We can monitor and maintain your backups 24/7/365. No more hassles about worrying if your backup solutions are working or if your data can be restored if you delete something accidently. We can handle all these tasks for you so that you can concentrate on running your business and not your computers!
  • Backup Services – Specialty services to help your company develop and implement proper backup and disaster recovery solutions.
  • Data Recovery Services – Deleted files, crashed hard drive, virus erased your system, we can recover your files and data with our professional recovery services.